14 June 2010

vintage photo envelopes

Eli and Toggle admit that we have a bit of an affection for vintage cameras and vintage camera manuals. But vintage photo envelopes as well?

Kodak Film Wallet - source -

Eli and Toggle have just discovered the joys of the retro graphic designs on old paper envelopes which are used for developed photos and negatives. It seems like a bit of a specific thing to get excited about...but just have a look at these!

After Dark Snaps
- source -
More Fine Pictures
- source -
Old Film Envelope
- source -

Kodak Film Wallet
- source -

If you're interested in vintage photo envelope ephemera, there are lots of flickr groups out there. Try this one - we love it!


  1. these are fabulous! oh to receive one of these in the mail...


  2. What great finds! I love the vintage envelopes. Such a joy to find them when you find a vintage camera bag.