09 June 2010

camera collection

Eli is becoming really fond of her little camera collection. She loves to put them all together on her bookshelf - they look so lovely together. She also loves picking a camera to take out for the day, to see what wonderful things she might snap. Eli decided to put together a little collage of her camera collection, accompanied by a little personal history of each. Enjoy!

1. Kodak Brownie (1952 - 1967) : This was Eli's first camera of her collection, and quite possibly the most cute and aesthetic. Eli's mum passed it down her, which makes it really special. The black plastic body and rope cord are part of this Brownie's charm.

2. Polaroid EE33 (1976 - 1977) : This is Eli's favourite polaroid. She picked up this boxey brown camera for only 5 euros at a market in Milan.

3. Diana Mini (original Dianas 1960s - diana mini 2010) : This is the analog film camera that Eli uses the most, and has had the most fun and rewarding photographs. It travels everywhere, everyday with Eli. Bought on a whim in Milan.

4. ISO Rapid I (1965) : This is Eli's second favourite looking camera. It's just so square and its black riveted body is quite classy. Eli bought this cutie for 5 euros at the same market in Milan.

5. Polaroid Impulse (1988) : Eli's first polaroid! It just looks so eighties - especially with the red stripe. Eli bought this polaroid at a thrift store for 15 euros.

6. Polaroid Colorpack 80 (1971 - 1976) : This polaroid preceedes the EE33, which is why they look quite similar. This polaroid was generously passed onto to Eli as a gift from her boyfriend's father. It was his camera during his youth.

Each camera has a story to tell, and
each camera is special to Eli, in its own way.


  1. I love love love that your cameras have their own story and you have a lovely collection, I really need to do a similar post about mine :)

  2. oh yes, please do... I would love to see and hear about your cameras!