18 July 2010

an antique amusement park

Well, Eli has returned to her life in Australia... which has been a bit hectic and a big transition (not to mention battling a bad cold at the same time). Eli has been reminiscing about her overseas adventures, in photo form. Here are some of her diana mini shots from Tibidabo, an antique amusement park in Barcelona. Enjoy :)

28 June 2010


Eli has only two more days left in Italy. She has spent these last seven months exploring Italy's cities, eating the most devine Italian meals, learning more about her Italian man and discovering more about herself. When Eli arrived in Italy, she knew absolutley no Italian, yet now she can understand everything that people say and is even able to speak some basic Italian! In commiseration of Eli's departure from Italy, she thought she would share some vintage Italian travel-related ephemera, from a few of the cities that she explored with her beautiful Italian man. Enjoy!

Eli found these incredible travel related vintage ephemera here.

26 June 2010

cream coloured pages

While on the hunt for a birthday present for her little brother, Eli just couldn't go past a Moleskine. The simple black cover, the ribbon bookmark, the cream coloured pages with rounded corners make this little notebook so elegant. It just makes you want to draw beautiful drawings and write beautiful words in its pages. Hopefully Eli's brother will like it!


22 June 2010

giveaway winner

Eli and Toggle would like to thank everyone who entered our little giveaway. Your support means a lot to us...and hopefully through this giveaway we have made some new blog-friends! We hope you stop by to say hello again!

Eli used her new letter stamp set to write everyone's name onto some brown butcher's paper. Then she put all the names into a hat and pulled out a winner (this way is just so much more fun and personal than random generators).

And the winner is...

Congratulations Sarah, you have won the Eli and Toggle giveaway of 3 Diana Mini prints, including Swans, Dumbo Ride and Dreamy Carousel. Eli will be emailing you shortly for your postal address.

Sarah said:

i would love to enter the giveaway! these photos amazing... they feel so magical!

& i just followed your blog! yay!

Thank you again to everyone who entered! Eli has visited all of your blogs and webpages and she is so glad to have made such lovely blog-friends. Eli and Toggle will be opening an etsy shop on July 31st, with lots more photographs and handmade products, so keep an eye out for another giveaway soon, to celebrate our etsy opening!

21 June 2010

brownie brownie

Eli just loves her Kodak Brownie. She also loves vintage camera manuals. When Eli found an picture of an old Kodak Brownie manual, she got so excited that she just had to share it with all of you.


paper hearts project

Janice over at Little Miso is hosting a lovely Paper Hearts Project at the moment. She is collecting submissions of everyone's paper hearts, so you can participate too! All you have to do is cut out hearts from paper, write a cute message, stick them around your neighbourhood for people to find or see, take a photo and send your photo to Paper Hearts Project!

Here are Eli's paper hearts:

You can have a peek at Eli's full submission for The Paper Heart Project here.

19 June 2010

Parque Guell

Eli had a wonderful time in Barcelona. One of her favourite places in the city was Gaudi's Parque Guell. It was just beautiful with tile decorations, portico and lovely walks through the gardens. Here are a couple of photos of Eli from Parque Guell and Gaudi's Pedrera.