20 April 2010

all things typewriter

Eli and Toggle have some exciting news: We have just bought a typewriter! It's a beautiful vintage Olivetti Lettera 32 and we found (at a very reasonable price) at a vintage market-stall in Milan. So this post is going to be dedicated to all-things typewriter!

Eli's been typing all day long and enjoying the pushy-button sounds and ringy-bell sounds of the old machine. Seeing as Eli's typewriter is Italian-made, the keyboard is a little different. The 'W' and 'Z' keys have swaped places, along with the 'M' and the 'comma' keys. This is a picture of an Olivetti Lettera 32.

While reading up on the Olivetti brand, we came across some beautiful retro Olivetti advertisements, designed by Giovanni Pintori. Some beautiful artworks, if you want to invest in them. This is one of Eli's favourites:

Unfortunately, Eli's lovely typewriter didn't come with an instruction manual. It took her a couple of hours to work out how to use the 32 machine (with some help from the 22 manual found on flicker). To all typewriter newbies: there is something called a carriage lock - find it, and unlock it.

With this posts theme of all-things-typewriter, we'd like to show you a beautiful necklace made from an old vintage typewriter 'H' key - found on the qa create etsy shop.

We'd also like to share some 'mixed occassion typewriter cards' by The Regional Assembly of Text.


When Eli opened her vintage typewriter case and pulled out her Olivetti......a crumpled piece of paper fell out! After uncrumpling it I saw that it had been typed on! At the top of the page it was written:

torino 3/7/92

Wow, that piece of paper is almost 2 decades old! And, now we know that this typewriter has been in the city of Torino, Italy. Then we went onto read the message (written in Italian)...

Ciao cucciolo, e la tua bestiolina che scrive.
E' l'unico modo di parlarti senza correre il rischio che tu ti incazzi.

The message is hilarious. I feel so special to be this old typewriters new owner, and to know that it has had a history before me. That's what I love about vintage finds.

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